Transport of goods

If you transport goods occasionally for someone and do not benefit financially from this, the transport is not considered as commercial transport of goods.

If you transport goods for financial gain (to earn an income), this is considered as commercial transport of goods and, in this case, you must find out if you need a goods transport licence.

  • No separate licence or notification is required for the commercial transport of goods against payment, if the total maximum weight of the vehicle or the combination of vehicles used for the transport is 2,000 kilogrammes.
  • If the commercial transport of goods is carried out against payment with a vehicle or a combination of vehicles the total weight of which is more than 2,000 kilogrammes, but does not exceed 3,500 kilogrammes, a notification must be submitted on the transport. The notification is company-specific, not vehicle-specific.
  • The commercial transport of goods with a vehicle or a combination of vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kilogrammes will require a goods transport licence.

If you engage in the commercial transport of goods, you must see to it that the vehicle you use for the transport is registered in the Finnish Vehicular and Driver Data Register and that you have listed the transport of goods subject to a licence as the vehicle’s intended use. Please ensure also that the driver of the vehicle is professionally qualified to transport goods.

For more information on the transport of goods, see the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's website (in Finnish).


The income earned from the transport of goods is subject to taxes, which you must declare as income when filing your tax return. Income earned from transport carried out by a private person is taxed as earned income.

Various company forms can operate commercial transport of goods and taxes are determined according to the form of the company in question.

Insurances and transport of goods 

You can check from you insurance provider, whether your private insurance covers any possible damage to goods during transport.