Peer-to-peer renting of vehicles

If you want to rent out your car or other vehicle (boat, etc.) for a short period of time via a digital platform or a mobile application, read the terms and conditions of the service carefully in advance. Note that different peer-to-peer renting services can operate with different concepts.

Check the following in advance:

  • Your responsibilities and rights as the owner or the party renting out the vehicle as listed in the terms and conditions.
  • The responsibilities of the platform or application provider.
  • Does your insurance cover any damages to the vehicle that happen while it is rented out or do you need a separate insurance for this?
  • How possible problems will be dealt with?


Even if you only receive rental income occasionally, you must pay a tax on the income. You can deduct any expenses you have incurred from renting out

  • your property and which are directly related to the renting
  • general expenses during the time the property is rented.

However, keep in mind that you may not be able to deduct the vehicle’s purchase price. You may have purchased the vehicle more for your private use than as a source of income.   

For more information, see the Finnish Tax Administration website.