Buying work services

These days, people can also offer work services via various platforms and mobile applications.

  • Find out the operating concept for the platform in question. Note that certain websites function primarily as electronic notice boards and the party carrying out the work and the party commissioning the work must separately agree on the contractual terms for the work. However, some websites automatically direct the employee and the party commissioning the work to enter into a contract and the websites possibly also take care of payment transactions.

For example, when you contract renovation, childcare or cleaning services from an external party it is decisive with regard to your obligations whether you are purchasing work services

  • from a company or an entrepreneur that is registered in the prepayment register
  • from a company or an entrepreneur that is not registered in the prepayment register
  • by employing a private person.

When matters related to the work are agreed upon, it must be determined whether the parties are entering into an employment relationship or the work is being contracted.

  • In an employment relationship, the work is performed by a paid employee, that is, a wage earner, to whom the household is paying a salary.
  • When the work is commissioned the household purchases the work from an entrepreneur or a company and pays for the work according to the invoice they are sent.

Buying a service

When you buy a service, the first thing you must determine is whether the company or entrepreneur is registered in the prepayment register. If the company is registered in the prepayment register, you do not need to take care of anything other than paying their invoice.

Read more on buying a service from a company on the Tax Administration website.


Hiring an employee

When you hire an employee, you must take care of your obligations as an employer and insure your employee. A tax card presented for the payment of a salary indicates an employment contract. The payment of salaries and notifications related to the payment of salaries can be handled, for example via the service.

Read more on hiring an employee on the Finnish Tax Administration website.

Read more about the employer obligations in the service in the section titled Kotitalous työnantajana (A household as an employer). (in Finnish)



For more information, please see the Finnish Tax Administration’s instruction for Household employers